Personal Accident and Health Insurance

Personal Accident is another type of insurance product or policy that provides benefits/indemnity in case of losses to the person or physical well-being of an insured individual arising out of accident.

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Personal Accident Insurance (Individual, Family or Corporate)

• Accidental Death
• Permanent Disablement or Dismemberment
• Unprovoked Murder & Assault

Health Insurance Program

For Individual or Corporate for Employers and their Employees
• Daily In-Hospital Income
• ICU Benefits
• Surgical Benefits
• Dreaded Diseases

Student Insurance Program

Offers comprehensive group student accident insurance benefits for pre-school, high school and postgraduate students with the protection whether they're within or even outside the campus for extracurricular activities.
• Accidental Death
• Permanent Disablement or Dismemberment

Student Insurance Program

• Medical Expenses
• Weekly or Daily Benefit
• Cash Assistance Benefit
• In-Hospital Income Benefit(s)
• Hijacking
• Terrorism

Travel Insurance Program (Business or Personal)

This covers you from risks associated with traveling such as losing your luggage, delays, injuries, and other emergencies.

• Accidental Death
• Permanent Disablement or Dismemberment
• Medical Expenses
• Burial Assistance
• Daily In-Hospital Income
• Travel Inconvenience
• Aircraft Hijacking
• Personal Property/Money
• Personal Liability
• 24-hour Global Emergency Medical Assistance Cover:
   ⁃ Emergency Medical Evacuation
   ⁃ Medically Supervised Repatriation
   ⁃ Transportation to Join Patient or Compassionate Visit
   ⁃ Care for Minor Children
   ⁃ Return of Mortal Remains
   ⁃ Other Emergency Assistance Services

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