Motor Car Insurance

A Motor Car insurance policy protects you from financial losses due to a car accident, damage, or theft.

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Comprehensive Cover

A complete coverage for your vehicle that protects you, your vehicle and third parties in case of an accident.

Loss or Damage

Protects the vehicle from accidental damage or theft.

Excess Bodily Injury

For the excess liability on injuries to third parties that is beyond the basic limit of CTPL.

Third Party Property Damage

Protects the owner in case of an accident resulting to damages to the property of others.

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)

A basic coverage required by law that protects the vehicle owner in case of an accident resulting to injuries to third parties.

MAA Auto-Assist

24-hour roadside assistance that provides towing service, vehicle breakdown service, rescue of vehicle, and other benefits for our comprehensive policy holders. (For Privately-used vehicles only up to 12 years old)

Acts of Nature

Protects the vehicle from damages caused by typhoon, flood, volcanic eruption, hurricane, earthquake and other forces of nature.

Auto-Personal Accident

Financial protection for the passengers of the vehicle against death or bodily injury.

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The birth of MAA General Assurance Phil., Inc. (MAAGAP) took place when its parent company, MAA International Group Ltd. (MAAIG) from Malaysia ventured to strategically expand its business in Asia. MAAIG is an offshore composite insurance company licensed under the Offshore Insurance Act 1990 in Labuan International Offshore Financial Centre (IOFC) to underwrite life and general insurance and reinsurance business. Gearing for the planned expansion, MAA procured the insurance license of the then Paramount Insurance Corporation and renamed it MAA General Assurance Phil., Inc.

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Published on October 05, 2023