Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

PA Program

With 24/7 Emergency Assistance Cover

 MAA Travel Insurance Program assures you of the complete insurance coverage with 24-Hour Emergency Global Medical Assistance.

Whenever you go on a journey in the vast global playground, for business or pleasure, we protect you with MAA’s Travel Insurance Program.

Distinctly made for travelers, our plan covers you from unexpected events such as accidents, medical and health emergencies, travel interruption and delays, loss baggage and many more. In addition to superior benefits, we also included the 24-hour Global Medical Assistance. Choose among our different packages that will fit your needs and you are ready to go.



Accidental Death pays a Lump Sum benefit in the event of death resulting from an accident.

Permanent Disablement or Dismemberment pays a Lump Sum benefit according to the percentage (%) schedule stated in the policy up to 100% of Accidental Death.

Burial Assistance provides an additional lump sum benefit in the event of death resulting from an accident.


Medical Expenses in cases of illness or injuries sustained by the traveler outside the country of residence, the Company will attend the usual, customary, necessary and reasonable costs of hospitalization, surgery, medical fees and pharmaceutical medicines prescribed by the attending physician.

Emergency Dental Care – will meet the cost, up to the limit provided in the Schedule of Benefits. For strictly necessary emergency dental treatment of the natural teeth for the immediate relief of pain and not occasioned by the previous deteriorated state of teeth, gums, or jaws.

Local Follow-up Treatment – is extended for covered medical expenses incurred, up to the limit provided in the Schedule of Benefit, in the Philippines, or in the place of residence upon return from the travel. Expenses must be incurred within thirty (30) days from the date the insured returns to the country of origin.

Daily In-Hospital Income guaranteed income for every day when you are hospitalized as a result of injuries or sickness.


  1. Hospital Admission Guarantee
  2. Critical Care Monitoring
  3. Prescription Assistance
  4. Emergency Message Transmission
  5. Location & Forwarding of Luggage & Personal Effects


 Just a simple phone call to the dedicated Hotline Number, the service company completely arranges all the serviced needed by the Individual Covered Member

Travel Inconveniences – protects the insured from any inconveniences such as flight delays, missed connections, luggage loss or delay and trip cancellation.

Aircraft Hijacking – guaranteed income in case of injury that may occur as a result of skyjacking/hijacking.

Personal Property/Money – you are covered in case you sustain loss of or damage to personal property or money during the trip.

Personal Liability – reimburses expenses incurred in case of legal liability for damage with respect to the other person or property.