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MAA General Assurance Phils., Inc. is one with the government-imposed community quarantine measures as it actively participates to help contain the spread of the CoVid 19 pandemic in the country. In line with this move, the offices including all branches will maintain its operation on a 10% Work-From-Home & 90% Work-From-Office arrangement during the General Community Quarantine provided all proper health and safety practices are strictly observed to enable the Company to continue in properly addressing the insurance coverage requirements of all its policy holders.

Until such time when a new directive for stricter quarantine be enforced by the national or local government; the public is rest assured of MAAGAP’s responsiveness in realigning its current manpower structure to avoid business interruption through an effective digital information processing system coupled with sound inter-departmental communication and formidable teamwork.

Regular workdays in the Head Office and all branches are from Mondays to Fridays, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM with flexi-time/skeletal arrangements for the MAAGAP employees to avoid rush hour, comply with the local government-imposed curfew and enable physical distancing. This provision will allow more operating hours to accommodate the needs of the insuring public.

In October, 2020, MAAGAP launched the premium payment through Online Banking for personal and corporate accounts and Over the Counter Transactions for cash and check payments via BDO Bills Payment Facility into its system to prevent physical transactions and make payments more convenient for its clients.


Go to Pay Bills and Reload > Bills Payment > Pay Bills

Online Banking: How to pay a Biller

  1. Click Pay Bills and Reload > Bills Payment > Pay Bills

2. Fill out the Payment Details > Click Submit.

3. A confirmation promt will be displayed > Click Ok.

4. A confirmation page will be displayed with a transaction reference number. Likewise, an e-mail notification will be sent to your registered email address.



Subscriber’s Account No.
Sample: MK-01-20-DA-000001

Company Name

Subscriber’s Name

As MAAGAP continues heading towards a digital economy, more online transactions, settlement methods and channels are on the pipeline where technologies are incorporated into the day-to-day operations as part of business planning to enhance the onset of a more advance and intensive E-commerce application and practices.

Just as the Company is deeply committed in providing the public an uninterrupted and full-fledged service during this time of uncertainty, the MAAGAP Team, Agents and Brokers may be reached through their respective mobile numbers and the following contact details:

MAAGAP, as an insurance company, adheres to a strict tradition and culture of professionalism and excellence. Having been certified to ISO 9001:2008, MAAGAP is committed to implement its quality management system in compliance with ISO standard to strengthen consistently our position of assuming a more pro-active approach in pursuing continual improvement not only in production and efficiency but also in our social integration with the community .

We at MAAGAP will always continue to maintain our emphasis on transparency and honesty more particularly on what we’re doing and paramount to earning public’s trust and customers’ loyalty. To gain public support for our presence in the market to sustain our competitive advantage, we have several programs grounded on the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) whereby, we engage our employees and customers in giving back as we want them to feel like they have a voice.

Value Training for Employment

As the core business of insurance relies on the efficiency of human capital, MAAGAP has a comprehensive scholarship to employment program, wherein deserving individuals are chosen as college scholars to take up a course relevant to the insurance industry. Once the scholar reaches junior or senior year college and enrolls in the OJT program, he is directed to take his training in MAAGAP itself. The exposure allows the student opportunity to train in the actual business operation of his benefactor and grants MAAGAP the opportunity to evaluate and direct his potential. After graduation, MAAGAP hires the former scholar.

This comprehensive value training for employment program is founded on the principle of symbiosis wherein each party benefits by trading value for value.

Employee and Stakeholder Training

MAAGAP regularly conducts Basic Non-Life (BNL) Insurance Trainings to its new employees and also to its partners/stakeholders, specifically the agents and brokers from agency firms and brokerages who conducts business with MAAGAP.

The purpose of the BNL training is to orient new employees, selected agents and brokers, in order to orient them with the fundamental lessons in the non-life insurance. Lesson topics in the four-day, course which is conducted on Saturdays include introduction to the Non-Life Insurance Industry, Basics of Motor Car Insurance, Fire and Property Insurance, Bonds and Surety, Liability Insurance, Marine Insurance, P.A. and Health Insurance.

MAAGAP also conducts advanced specialized courses on the different product lines that it offers (fire and property insurance, suretyship and motor car insurance). These trainings are conducted when it is assessed that company employees, agents and brokers can benefit from this advance knowledge.

Aside from the above in-house trainings, MAAGAP also takes note of training invitations from outside firms and institutions and enlists their employees in order to expand their knowledge in different aspects in the non-life insurance industry.

These trainings and seminar as of the first quarter of 2020 are the following:

Contact PersonsPositionContactEmail Address
Martin L. Dela RosaSenior Vice President
Business Development
Werhner V. ParelSenior Vice President Operations(0917)
Edward N. SuyVice President Technical Operations(0917)
Annie SoAsst. Vice President
P A and Health
Andres VillegasManager
Surety Bonds
Christian ChavezSenior Manager
Fire, Property & Eng’g
Mikko JamisolaSenior Manager
Motor Car & Marine
Danilo P. MarangeManager
Motor Claims
Carlo SantosManager
Non-Motor Claims